Our Fosters are Our Backbone

Puppy Under a Table
Who are our fosters?


Like many rescues, Wonder Dogs Rescue is a foster home based rescue. This means we do not have a kennel facility, and each dog that we take in is placed with a foster family. The foster family is responsible for the care, socialization, and training of the rescued dog to prepare it for its forever home. Our fosters may be ordinary dog lovers, but to our rescued dogs, they are superheroes.


What do our fosters do?


Our fosters teach dogs who may have been let down by their previous owners that humans are not all bad and that we are here to give them a second chance at a happy life. They help shy dogs learn that it's okay to explore the world; they help fearful dogs learn that people, places, and other dogs can be safe; they make unwanted dogs feel wanted and loved again, and ready to be a part of someone's family. It's not always an easy job, but it is a very important job and one that we take very seriously.


Why foster?


​​Our foster families will tell you that fostering is a very fulfilling experience. You are not just providing a transitional home for a dog - you are literally saving a life. The majority of the dogs we foster are pulled from high-kill shelters and we are asked to take them because they are deemed "unadoptable" for a variety of reasons - illness, injury, because they are scared, and unfortunately sometimes because of their breed. We assess these requests and ask for a Wonder Dogs foster to take these dogs. 

What do I need to foster?

Our foster families provide love, patience, structure, and guidance. Wonder Dogs Rescue provides the rest. You will have full say in which dogs you choose to foster and we will never pressure you to take a dog you are not comfortable with. We provide you with instructions and guidance to help you reintroduce your rescued dog to what a dog's life should be.

We will provide  a crate, collar, food, and any necessary medications for your rescued dog. We provide all medical care and vetting, we just ask for your help with getting your dog to and from appointments. ​

How can I become a foster?

The requirements for fosters are similar to those of adopters:

  • We require that you fill out an application and be completely honest on the application.

  • All dogs in the home must be spayed or neutered.

  • All dogs in the home must be current on all age appropriate vaccinations.

  • All dogs in the home must be on regular, year-round heartworm preventative. We may contact your vet to confirm.

  • We may require the same of other pets in the home at our discretion.​

  • We may visit your home to make sure it is a suitable and safe environment for our dog.

  • Fosters must be within a reasonable distance from one of the veterinary clinics we use.

  • Fosters must be willing and able to transport their foster dog to and from regular appointments and adoption events.

  • Fosters must sign a foster contract and agree to abide by all Wonder Dogs Rescue rules regarding their foster dog.

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