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Interested in adopting your next companion?


"Pet" yourself on the back! You are saving lives!


Let's get started on an amazing journey! At Wonder Dogs Rescue we understand the importance of responsible pet ownership. We believe strongly in a lifetime commitment to any pet you bring into your home. To help ensure we are all doing our part towards responsible pet ownership, these are our adoption requirements.

  • We require that you fill out an application and be completely honest on the application.

  • All dogs must reside indoors.

  • All dogs and cats in the home must be spayed or neutered (unless precluded due to a medical condition). 

  • All dogs in the home must be current on all age appropriate vaccinations. 

  • All dogs in the home must be on regular, year-round heartworm preventative. 

    • We will contact your vet to confirm the above.

  • If you rent, we will contact your landlord to verify your ability to have a dog, and any restrictions on breed or size. 

  • Fencing is not a requirement, but is strongly encouraged. We may require a physical fence for certain dogs at our discretion.

  • We require a home visit for all of our dogs, so we may not consider applicants that are more than 2 hours drive from Dayton, Ohio.

  • A Wonder Dogs Rescue representative makes the final decision on placement of our dogs after the home visit. We may decline an applicant for any reason.

  • You will be required to sign an Adoption Contract and pay an adoption fee before the adoption is complete.


Our Process
  1. View our Adoptable Dogs here

  2. Know who you are interested in? Click here to Submit an Application

  3. Once approved, a representative will contact you. 

  4. A meet and greet with the dog will be scheduled at your home. We are a foster home based rescue without a physical facility in which to visit. 

  5. A rescue representative will bring the dog to your house to meet you, your family, and your other pets (if applicable). If you are pleased, and the pets harmonious, we will conclude the adoption.  A contract will be signed and we will take payment of the adoption fee.

  6. We will mail (either physical or electronic) copies of all veterinary records within 2 week of the adoption.  All of our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, current on core vaccines, given anti-parasitics, and on age appropriate preventatives at the time of adoption.

For more information about our process, as well as answers to
Frequently Asked Questions, visit our FAQ Page.