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Start your amazing adoption journey with us!

Wonder Dogs Rescue understands the importance of responsible pet ownership. We believe strongly in a lifetime commitment to any pet you bring into your home. To help ensure we are all doing our part towards responsible pet ownership, these are our adoption requirements for applicants who currently have pets:​​

  • All dogs and cats in the home must be spayed or neutered (unless precluded due to age or a medical condition). 

  • ​All dogs in the home must be current on all age appropriate vaccinations. 

  • All dogs in the home must be on regular, year-round heartworm preventative

    • For more information on why we require this, take a look at the facts on heartworm disease.

  • We may require resident pets to meet the Wonder Dog before finalizing an adoption.
  • You may be asked to travel to the Dayton area to meet a dog. This is because all of our fosters are unpaid volunteers with limited time. Your flexibility improves your chances of being approved to adopt.

  • Fencing is not a requirement, but is strongly encouraged. We may require a fence for certain dogs at our discretion. **We will not adopt to any applicant who uses an invisible fence.**

  • The Wonder Dogs Rescue representative performing the adoption makes the final decision on placement of our dogs. We may decline an applicant without explanation.

  • You will be required to sign an Adoption Contract and pay an adoption fee before the adoption is complete. The adoption fee is non-refundable.

  • Renters are encouraged to contact their landlord to confirm their pet policy. It is your responsibility to confirm you are permitted to have the dog you are applying for.

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